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“You only live once, so don’t live your life hiding in the shadows of who you aspire to be.”

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Bon and Sally Start Kicking Insecurities in the Ass.

I’ve been adjusting to my new normal (and newly found insecurities) for roughly 6 months now, and let me tell...

Ostomy bag

Adjusting To My New Normal

Adjusting to my new normal as of November 13th, 2019 with my ostomy. As most of you know I’ve been...

It's Okay To Say Goodbye

It’s Okay to Say Goodbye

I’ve read a lot of blog posts about toxic relationships and how to eliminate them from your life. Usually they...


The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow

10.16.15 There are days in our lives where we feel like giving up is our only option. There are days...

Don't touch me

Don’t Touch Me There

April 22, 2017 Last year I went to a formal with a long term guy friend of mine. This is...


I told myself I was too busy. Do you forgive me?

Dear beauties, I abandoned all of you for basically 5 months. I didn’t write, I didn’t post, I didn’t check...

In The Midst Of It All

In The Midst of It All

This is my very beautiful and talented cousin, Whitney Bjerken. If you guys remember from a few years ago I...

Millennial Fist Bump

Millennials’ Ignorance Is Not Always Bliss

Is ignorance bliss? There’s no question that millennials are convinced they are the entrepreneurial generation. We believe that the next...

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The Bon

The Bon

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I have a mission in life to make women feel as beautiful as possible. Show them how wonderful they can be, their potential, and I plan on changing the way women view their roles in society and within themselves.