Not Much of a Gymnast

I had a fabulous time spending time with my beautiful and talented gymnast cousin Whitney Bjerken.  Although I might not be flexible or have good balance, participating in Whitney’s gymnastics challenge was a blast. Needless to say, she obviously won.  I know a lot of you have been asking if I did any gymnastics as a child, I did not. I danced for 11 years and did competitive dance for many of those years. I haven’t danced however since I was in 6th grade. I was nowhere near as talented as Whitney. She is such an inspirational and uplifting girl. One of my favorite things about my cousin is how graceful she is. Whitney is able to do something extremely complex and make it look so easy. I know she will continue to inspire girls to reach for the stars and chase their dreams – I know she continues to inspire me.

Showing the world my imperfections and lack of gymnastic skills was refreshing. Some of the most fun activities are when you don’t have a care in the world and you just do you!


If you haven’t watched the video yet be sure to check it out!

#BonItOut – The Bon

PS – Some of you have asked about where to get shirts like the ones Whitney and I are wearing. Click Here and you can browse some options.

18 Responses to “Not Much of a Gymnast

  • Vanessa
    8 years ago

    Hi Whitney and u are so good

  • I watched the video. You hold a handstand for longer than I do. I’ve been a gymnast for a year and a half

  • You did quite well. Way better than I could ever think of doing. I never have been limber. Looking forward to reading your blog.

  • Can you get a shirt

    • The Bon
      8 years ago

      I’ll get back to you soon. We are in the process of making setting something up.

  • Arieanna
    8 years ago

    To be honest I have been in cheer my whole childhood even though it isn’t complete, I enjoyed watching your video with you cousin. I have a cousin older then me and she was a gymnast and she made all stars and she inspired me to want to do more then just beginning at fist I would try but I could only do things a couple seconds or not even at all now I m like your cousin. I have had many challenges in life and I believe that I can go any where and do anything as long as my heart wants it as much as I do. You guys are very admiring because I thought a older person will always be better then a older.

  • you did awesome

  • loved it

  • Hi I wached the video on YouTube and checked this place out it has helped me feel more confident about teaching myself gymnastics i do not attend gymnastics but my two friends do i learn off them but i have been get better at things such as cartwheels, the splits, popcorn, and bridge

  • Kendyll
    8 years ago

    Hi Whitney i saw the video of you and your cousin on youtube it was awesome i am a cheerleader you are awesome

  • Georgia
    8 years ago

    Ha nice work both of you i like doing gymnastics i can do a round off back hand spring

  • Lol yeah u r a really good gymnast and u know it also you show it

  • Great job you to are very flexible

  • I watched ur video and u did an amazing job

  • You are fixable and amazing girl

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