Falling Back in Love With Your Body

At some point in everyone’s life we fall out of love with our bodies.

Maybe you need to lose some weight, maybe your hips are too wide, or maybe your complexion isn’t your desired shade. Regardless of what you find problematic about your body, we’ve all been there and it happens to the best of us.

There are a lot of times when I truly struggle with this, especially when I’m on prednisone. Prednisone makes me retain water and swell up. In return, making me insecure and self-conscious. I get these “adorably chubby” chipmunk cheeks and I feel like it makes my face looks about three times its actual size. Not to mention when I retain water the number on the scale just keeps going up. I might not look like I’ve gained weight to others, but in my eyes, it’s very noticeable.

Discouraging, right?!?!

It doesn’t need to be discouraging though. Everyone has flaws and we are our own worst critic. Confidence is sexy and desirable. So be confident in yourself and your gorgeous body!! You have the body that God and your momma gave you – so work it! Having a healthy and positive attitude will help you fall back in love with your body.

If you don’t know who Ashley Graham is yet, then you should Google her. She is a breathtakingly gorgeous model. Want to know the best part? She isn’t a double zero or even a size four, but she still loves her body. When she sits, she has cellulite. When she stands, she doesn’t have a thigh gap. And the best part of all – she doesn’t care. She’s a body activist with a positive, uplifting attitude, a healthy mind, and full of life-changing lessons.

For me, I get insecure about cellulite and those “adorably chubby” chipmunk cheeks (thx prednisone). I’m someone who works out six days a week, eats healthy, and has a lot of self-confidence. Yet, I still have cellulite and I still get a little insecure about it from time to time. Thanks to Ashley Graham, I’ve been able to have a positive attitude when it comes to my body image. Not only did she help me realize I don’t need to change a single thing about my body but she also helped me fall back in love with every inch.

You all are beautiful, inside and out. Own it, embrace it, LOVE IT.

Love your bodies. Clear your minds of all the negative thoughts. Stay healthy – mentally and physically. Believe in yourself. You are perfect, Just The Way You Are.

Ashley Graham’s inspirational Ted Talk: Plus-Size? More Like My Size

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